Gun Grade Quality Firearms and Services

Make the Grade exists for several primary reasons:

  1. To ensure that anyone, that’s right anyone who desires to know the ins and outs of firearm collecting, purchasing and selling or trading can be on equal ground.  Much can be said about having the right knowledge.  We can help.
  2. To offer great services on locating firearms through our National Affiliate Network where you can find the pistol, rifle or shotgun you  are looking for and make plans to make it yours by connecting you to the right people.
  3. For the equipping on how to actually “grade” a firearm, which determines its final value when buying or selling.
  4. To provide resources on shooting, safety, long range and competitive marksmanship that are easy to understand and informative.
  5. To offer affordable advice, mostly free, for the industry and make everyone’s journey in firearm collecting a win.
  6. To create a NETWORK of gun enthusiasts, collectors, shooters who get GREAT BENEFITS from our membership features. (Soon To Be Released)

Take a moment to consider what you want to know or learn.


  • National Search for Firearms
  • Dealer Network for Deals and Specials
  • Reviews and Tests
  • Grading and Valuation Certification
  • Buying Guides and Auction Plans
  • Estate Liquidation
  • Transfers & Shipping
  • New Product Promotion
  • Elite Grade Development Coverage
  • Low-cost Specials and Deals
  • Gun Smithing
  • Gun Coating
  • Rifle Truing & Scope Mounting (sights)
  • Free Consultations

The Gun Grade provides expertise and professional services in the following ways and areas:

  • Firearm Grading and Valuation for the Purpose of Investment, Trade or Liquidation
  • Location and Consulting for Hard-to-Find firearms and their Value
  • Providing a Nationwide Network of Collectors, Trainers, and Dealers
  • “Search and Secure” location services for specialist or custom items through a National Dealer Network
  • Subscription Education and Certification Training for Professional Collectors, Dealers and Partners
  • Referrals to Local Dealers and Stores for Great Deals and New Firearms
  • Online Training for Gun Collecting, Investing and Compliance
  • Sales and Trade Networks with Minimal Commission Fees with Direct Interaction
  • Regional Training for Pistol, Rifle, Tactical and Personal Defense through NRA Certified Instructors Nationwide

The Gun Grade provides many more services and most importantly, support for all things firearms.  If you have a need, we can connect you to vetted professional partners that will assist you in the journey.  Remember, if you want to make the grade, choose Gun Grade!

Contact us today for a quote or for an online subscription services plan.