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Firearm Transfer Policy

Firearm Transfer Policy

Firearm Transfer Policy

UPDATED for 2017

When you purchase a firearm from a competitor to be shipped to us that we could have ordered for you, there is no additional fee. The following are the requirements and fees related to a transfer.  IMPORTANT: Failure to comply with these requirements will result in your delivery being REFUSED and it is your responsibility.

  • YOU MUST CONTACT us BEFORE having the firearm shipped to us.  Firearms can be lost or stolen in transit if we do not have them logged as “expected”  Send us a message here and we will respond with the instructions.
  • NFA items cost $75 per item and all paperwork must be in order.
  • Standard handgun and rifle transfers are $25 and this includes a NICS check if required.  GA CWL carriers are exempt from a NICS (Background) check.
  • When multiple firearms are transferred at the same time the price is $25 EACH FIREARM for a maximum of $100 per 4473.
  • PLEASE bring with you a VALID state issued ID. Your address MUST match the identification and RECENTLY issued hunting licenses are allowed for PROOF of address ONLY, but the clerk can accept it at his/her discretion.
  • When your firearm is delivered and processed, we will give you a call. IF you come to the office before we have it inspected and cataloged, you may have to come back, so call before you come just to make sure we’ve had time to get to your shipment, after all, we handle a lot of shipments.
  • YOU WILL NOT be able to pick your gun up as it arrives with us. IT will be at LEAST two business days. If for some reason you need the firearm processed quicker, you will be charged a $40 express service fee. While you are important, firearms and pickups are processed as they come in, so your order is no more important than the 10 ahead of you.
  • SHIPPING: We do NOT accept ANY SHIPMENTS at our premise address.  THE FFL is clear as to the process of shipping firearms. There are no exceptions and your firearm will be refused at your cost.  IF FOR SOME reason it ships to the premise address, you will be charged a $75 ALTERATION FEE on top of the transfer fees paid in cash before you will be allowed to pick up your firearm.  MAKE GOOD NOTE OF THIS PLEASE and CONTACT the shipper and MAKE GOOD NOTE TO THEM.

Recap on pricing:

  • MULTIPLE TRANSFERS on the same 4473 are $25 each with a maximum of $100 per 4473.
  • CONTACT must be made PRIOR to shipment.
  • IF your seller or dealer will not ship to our shipping address, we CANNOT help you. Sorry. Contact the ATF to complain if this happens. Any firearms that ship to the premise address on the FFL will be refused at arrival, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Our FFL is available here