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Quality isn’t Cheap, Cheap is Costly

Quality isn’t Cheap, Cheap is Costly

Quality isn’t Cheap, Cheap is Costly

tactactacFor many people, quality is important, but in the end, price is king.  When it comes to most things, the cheaper it costs, the cheaper the quality.  In regards to firearms, many people look at them incorrectly.  Let us challenge your thinking on a few things.

  1. “I just need something cheap for self-defense.”  While this may be true, did you realize that many lower cost products are unstable, prone to misfire, misfeed and mishap?  Some lower end firearms are not even trustworthy with good grade ammo.  If you are interested in being safe, then by all means, please do not purchase the cheapest gun in the world.
  2. “I want the best, so I am going to buy the most expensive gun I can find.”  This is another extreme that causes a lot of grief.  For example, few people I know carry a $3000 handgun as a concealed carry weapon (ccw).  I personally have many handguns in that price range, but they are not for defense, they could be, but they aren’t.  They are for investment, precision shooting, show and tell, and just enjoyment.  Now WTSHTF they will go in full force if necessary.
  3. “I want a truck gun, so it doesn’t matter about quality.”  This many be true, but in all reality, I would rather have a very scratched up but functional Smith & Wesson Revolver in the glove box that I paid $500 for rather than a cheap RG that came in at $200 and won’t rotate, fire or release the cylinder after a few months in the heat.  If you need a gun like that, it won’t be there for you.
  4. “I cannot afford a quality gun.”  Well, in reality, you cannot afford a cheap junker either, especially if you are using it for protection.  The truth is that you can get a very quality handgun or shotgun for $400 or less in most markets and some of them new.  For example, Taurus makes a wonderful series of revolvers that are built very close to the Smith specs and some of their, I said “some”, semi-autos are very good.
  5. “There is really no difference in the high end AR’s and some lower priced stuff.”  Well yes and know.  That’s like saying there is no difference in the old man down the street and a professional MMA fighter.  Yes, they are both male, they are both human, they both have bodies, muscle, movement and could both be trained accordingly, but in the end, the MMA fighter will manage better than the old man with the cane.  The same is true with AR’s.  For the most part, the lowers are all the same sans a few minor teaks that some people make but in the end, the barrel, bcg, trigger group and how the gun was made will make the difference.  Did you know that some “top” companies put 2500 shot barrels on their guns?  Yep, then it’s back to the store putting another $300 when for $350 investment initially would have made the difference.  We’ll talk more about AR buying in future posts.
  6. “It’s the same brand, it must be good.”  Well, that’s like saying that everything Ford ever made was a top notch item.  Many manufacturers have different market entry levels with their product line.  And some of them actually just license their name on outsourced products like the Sig Mosquito… Sig does not make them.

Much more could be said, but this should get your thoughts moving.  Another thought would be to not skimp in the area of mags, ammo, holsters, and of course optics.  What good is a $49,000 rifle with a $100 glass on it that shifts after the first shot.  Stay tuned for that post also.

Go get your pistol or defense weapon for personal protection but investigate and ask questions.  We have a combined expertise of over 100 years in firearms and many of us are not just experts on specialized aspects of firearms, but we are also ranked competitive shooters and gunsmiths.  We are here to help, just ask away.  We want to help people find the right deal and the right investment, even if it doesn’t profit us at all.

Cya Soon,

The Gun Grade